AquaMotion AM10-3F1 Cast Iron, Three Speed Water Circulator with 4 Bolt Flange

•MATERIAL: Cast Iron
•MAX GPM FLOW: 31gpm
•PUMP SPEED: Three... Read More

Three-speed circulator with patented serviceable Green Eco Replacement Cartridge™.  The revolutionary "Green Eco Cartridge™ Design" is the core of the circulator and contains all moving parts.  The cartridge has the only field replaceable and field-serviceable cartridge on the market.  In case of failure, other manufacturers will have to replace their entire cartridge, motor assembly, or pump.  This increases the footprint on the environment and can double the cost to the consumer.  With the AquaMotion pump, service consists of pulling out the rotor assembly, flushing the cartridge with water, and reinstalling it.  Simple, cost-effective, patented.  Patent No. 8,083,500 and No. US 8.303.184 B1.

With Amp draws ranging from 0.45 amps to 0.75 amps the AM10 offers high performance and high efficiency. AquaMotion’s universal 4-bolt flange design reduces inventory and cost while simplifying installation.

The AM10 circulator replaces Taco 0010 circulators and other circulator models.

  • MATERIAL: Cast Iron
  • CONNECTION TYPE: 4 Bolt Flange
  • MAX HEAD FEET: 12ft
  • MAX GPM FLOW: 31gpm
  • PUMP SPEED: Three Speed
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