Did you know that while you’re waiting for hot water, a home with five taps can waste up to 15,000 gallons of tempered water? This wasted water doesn’t help your monthly bills or our environment.

In this blog, we’re sharing a better solution - the AquaMotion recirculation system. Available for every type of installation, hot water tanks or tankless, the AquaMotion system is designed to prevent hot water from getting cold in your hot water lines while not in use.

We’ll detail how this system works, the many benefits you can expect, how to easily install it, and how to order everything you need today.

What is AquaMotion?

“AquaMotion was created with the vision of designing the most energy-efficient, high performance, sustainable circulator line on the market with more benefits and features to meet and exceed customer demands and to compete with the world and US market leaders,” says their website.

Achieving these goals, its AquaMotion Aqua-Flash™ Recirculation Systems was named 2018 winner of the AHR EXPO 2018 Innovation Award for the Most Innovative Plumbing Product.

Made in the USA, the AquaMotion product line includes single-speed, three-speed PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) and variable speed ECM (Electronically Commutated) pumps in cast iron and stainless steel and instant hot water recirculation systems.

Incorporated in 2002, AquaMotion developed the Green ECO-Cartridge™ design, which is the heart of every circulator and contains all moving parts. This revolutionary design is the only field replaceable and field serviceable cartridge on the market. The design allows for the replacement of the cartridge or by pulling it apart and flushing it and reinstalling it. The flushable cartridge extends the life of the pumps and makes them a sustainable product that can double the operating life. The cartridge design and long-life bearings are patented.

How is this different than other manufacturers’ products? In comparable systems, the entire cartridge or pump must be replaced – a negative impact on both our environment and consumers’ pockets.

The AquaMotion design also prevents black iron oxide and contaminants from entering the cartridge – ideal for places that have hard water. The PSC pump line also offers the lowest power consumption of any PSC motor and the lowest power consumption of any ECM pump.

Additionally, AquaMotion received a UL listing for the first patent-pending outdoor pump for tankless water heaters.

AquaMotion benefits

There are many benefits of the AquaMotion system, including:

  • Hot water comfort at every faucet
  • Zero waiting for hot water
  • 12,000 to 15,000 gallons of hot water saved a year
  • Added protection against hard water
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower utility and sewer bills
  • Smart water usage with the ON DEMAND system (the button/motion sensor or app can also activate the system)
  • Green ECO-Cartridge™ (the only field serviceable and field-replaceable cartridge on the market) helps you conserve water and protect our environment
  • Local plumbing code compliance


How does AquaMotion work?

Designed to prevent hot water from getting cold in your hot water lines while not in use, here’s a quick overview of how this system works:

  • A pump at the tank or tankless heater, or installed under the sink, regularly forces the lukewarm water from the hot supply line into the cold supply line. If a dedicated return line is used, it returns the lukewarm water to the heater.
  • A sensor/switch (Aquastat) built into the pump or an Aqua-Flash or ODR Superflow By-pass valve transfers the lukewarm water into the cold pipe. The valves maintain an average of 93° F (34° C) at the sink. The under sink pump starts when the temperature drops to 85° F (30° C) and stops when it reaches 104° F (40° C).
  • The pump runs about 3 times an hour for 2 minutes. A built-in 24-hour mechanical timer allows the user to set the time when instant hot water is needed. An ON-DEMAND button/motion sensor or app can also activate the system.

AquaMotion installation and operational costs

AquaMotion hot water recirculation systems are available for every type of installation, hot water tanks or tankless.

Installation is super easy, and here’s a short video to guide you.

After this, you’re good to go and you’ll just pay to operate it. The good news? The yearly cost to run a system is minimal. To run the circulator with a timer at $0.12 per kw is approx. $3.00 and $8.00 for the large pump annually.

Based on actual amp draw comparisons with published Underwriters Laboratories data of comparable PSC motor or ECM pumps on the market, AquaMotion's innovative design created a pump line with the lowest power consumption.

What AquaMotion products do you need?

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