There are two things bacteria love: water and heat. Under these ideal conditions, bacteria will grow exponentially, making any surface in a warm, wet environment a health concern. Consequently, this is why floor drains and floor sinks are now ubiquitous and often mandatory in most commercial settings, including restaurants and food processing plants. However, floor drains don’t last forever. Older drain materials can rust or rot away. When this happens, health inspectors will require a floor drain repair or replacement at the building owner’s expense.

Many older floor drain covers were made from lower-quality materials that eventually wear out. This reduces the sanitary efficacy of the drain. Eventually, these drains need to be changed, but this process need not be expensive. Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a costly floor drain renovation, the most cost-effective solution is to use a stainless steel retrofit floor sink liner. 

Retrofit Floor Sink Liners: Cost Savings Versus Floor Drain Renovation

There are two routes to fixing a floor sink: renovating the entire drain or using a more cost-effective stainless steel Retrofit Floor Sink Liner. If you choose to renovate a floor sink, your costs could exceed $2,000 for the replacement, depending on factors such as the size of the drain and underlying damage resulting from a delayed repair. That cost includes:

  • Erecting a dust barrier
  • Removal and replacement of tile around the drain area
  • Removal and clearing of damaged concrete (concrete degradation occurs due to water leakage from old floor drain)

Renovating a drain in an essential workspace could also result in lost productivity time, which adds to the cost and is more difficult to calculate. For commercial buildings or restaurants without excess space available, this type of renovation could result in a day or more of lost productivity. 

Conversely, installing a stainless steel Retrofit Floor Sink Liner is exceptionally fast with limited impact on the workspace. No dust barriers are required, and there’s no need to remove and replace tile or degraded concrete around the floor sink. Instead, you can slip the Retrofit Floor Sink Liner over the existing drain. The result is huge cost savings in the way of materials costs and time compared to a standard floor sink renovation. 

Top Considerations Before Purchasing a Stainless Steel Retrofit Floor Sink Liner

Standardization means most commercial floor sinks fall within narrow size ranges. Before purchasing a Retrofit Floor Sink Liner, measure the top size and the depth of the sink area to ensure you have the correct fit. Josam stainless steel Retrofit Floor Sink Liners are available with 8", 12", and 16" top sizes, and sink depths of 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12”. 

These liners are available with attractive options that extend the use case. For example, the Josam 45830 Series SS Retrofit Liner has a universal design that fits outlet sizes between 2” to 8”. You can also order it with a straight edge or bent edge flange, and a reinforced perforated stainless steel grate.

Josam stainless steel Retrofit Floor Sink Liners offer distinct advantages in both the short and long term. Plug-and-play installation results in vastly lower costs to repair a damaged floor sink compared to a normal renovation. Additionally, thanks to the stainless steel design and other features, a Retrofit Floor Sink Liner offers exceptional product life and durability.