Josam 24720 90° Scupper Drain

Josam 24720 series coated cast iron roof drain, parapet type, secured angle grate integral with flashing clamp, shallow sump with flashing flange and side outlet threaded connection. SPECIFICATIONS
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Used at the junction of the roof and the parapet where perimeter or emergency roof drainage through a threaded side outlet is required. Angle grate provides ample drainage and is slotted to prevent any entrance of debris. Flashing and membrane are positively secured to the drain body with a compression clamp.


  • manufacturer – Josam
  • material
    • body – cast iron
    • grate – cast iron
  • color – green
  • style
    • grate – flush
    • outlet - 90° threaded


  • flange size – 11" x 4 1/2” x 6 1/2”



24720 Specification Sheet

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