Lockin' Pocket™ Kit

•can be used on:
•granule surfaced modified Bitumen roofs
•EPDM roofs
•TPO roofs
•metal roofs
•smooth-surfaced asphalt built-up roofs (BUR)
•gravel surfaced BUR roofs (asphalt & coal tar... Read More

•This item has a minimum three day processing time and is not included in our same-day shipping policy.


  • pre-fabricated inter-locking pitch pocket system that is easily assembled on-site and filled with fast setting, solvent-free, multi-use weather-tite hurricane-force universal sealer that becomes waterproof within minutes of application
  • easy to apply
  • no mixing required
  • no temperature restrictions
  • saves labor
  • high strength
  • no flashing needed


  • can be used on:
    • granule surfaced modified Bitumen roofs
    • EPDM roofs
    • TPO roofs
    • metal roofs
    • smooth-surfaced asphalt built-up roofs (BUR)
    • gravel surfaced BUR roofs (asphalt & coal tar pitch)


  • 4" - 6 pockets, 2 cartridges of LPS Sealant
  • 6" - 4 pockets, 2 cartridges of LPS Sealant
  • 8" - 4 pockets, 2 cartridges of LPS Sealant

*This product has a 5-day processing time.


Lockin' Pocket™ Specification Sheet

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