MAPA A-Series Strut Support

•Made in the USA
•100% recyclable material
•Simple, time-saving installation
•Extruded aluminum design
•Pre-cut 6” up to 4’
•4.05" high (see specification sheet for details)
•Solid flat base with rolled...
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When used within the recommended load limits, the A-series is designed as a free-standing/non-penetrating pipe support for natural gas, conduit, and refrigeration pipes.  It can also be used for ductwork, cable trays, solar panel, and equipment support.

  • Made in the USA
  • 100% recyclable material
  • Simple, time-saving installation
  • Extruded aluminum design
  • Pre-cut 6” up to 4’
  • 4.05" high (see specification sheet for details)
  • Solid flat base with rolled edges
  • Integrated 1 5/8” Strut
  • Accepts industry-standard accessories
  • Single/multiple piping runs
  • Equipment supports
  • Load factor of 5 PSI
  • Available with an adhered isolation pad
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty