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  1. LABOR SAVER - Josam Retrofit Floor Sink Liners


    There are two things bacteria love: water and heat. Under these ideal conditions, bacteria will grow exponentially, making any surface in a warm, wet environment a health concern. Consequently, this is why floor drains and floor sinks are now ubiquitous and often mandatory in most commercial settings, including restaurants and food processing plants. However, floor drains don’t last forever. Older drain materials can rust or rot away. When this happens, health inspectors will require a floor drain repair or replacement at the building owner’s expense.

    Many older floor drain covers were made from lower-quality materials that eventually wear out. This reduces the

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  2. 10 Marking and Measuring Tools for 2021

    Inadequate construction work from contractors continues to rank high on the Consumer Federation of America’s (CFA) annual Consumer Complaint Survey Report. Even if you’re the most skilled contractor around, poor-quality equipment can diminish the quality of your work. Marking tools and measuring tools are foundational for skilled contractors, especially those who are obsessed with delivering the best end pro

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