Inadequate construction work from contractors continues to rank high on the Consumer Federation of America’s (CFA) annual Consumer Complaint Survey Report. Even if you’re the most skilled contractor around, poor-quality equipment can diminish the quality of your work. Marking tools and measuring tools are foundational for skilled contractors, especially those who are obsessed with delivering the best end product for customers.

Whether you’re taking on a new woodworking project, replacing plumbing for a remodel, or taking on a roof repair, marking and measuring tools in carpentry help provide precision to your projects.

Must-have contractor measuring and marking tools include:

  1. Steel tape measures
  2. Folding wood rulers
  3. Measuring wheels
  4. Depth gauges
  5. Carpenter’s pencils
  6. Carpenter’s chalk
  7. Marking chalk
  8. Chalk line savers
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